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Friday, 01 March 2024 10.10 AM IST

Bhasurangan with chest pain after remand; admitted to Ernakulam General Hospital


KOCHI: CPI former district council member and former bank president N Bhasurangan, who was arrested in the Kandala Cooperative Bank fraud case, was admitted to the hospital due to chest pain. He was admitted to Ernakulam General Hospital. The defense had informed the court about Bhasurangan's health problems yesterday.

The court had directed that treatment should be ensured if Bhasurangan has health issues. Bhasurangan's health worsened in the Ernakulam jail at around ten o'clock yesterday morning. Following this he was taken to the hospital after being examined by the jail doctor.

Last day, the ED had stated in the special court that what happened in Kandala Cooperative Bank was an organized financial crime. Bhasurangan and his son Akhiljith have been remanded till December 5. Bhasurangan and his son conducted the transactions in Benami names. Transactions of huge amounts have been done. Further investigation is required to get a clear picture of the crime. Bhasurangan is a political leader and a very influential person. The ED also clarified that if the accused are not remanded in judicial custody, they can destroy the evidence.

Meanwhile, it was also demanded that the court should listen to Bhasurangan's daughter who is a doctor since Bhasurangan has health problems but ED opposed this. ED pointed out that if the court listens to Bhasurangan's daughter, then the court will also have to listen to the doctor who examined Bhasurangan as well. These types of arguments are common in financial crimes. The ED also cited the Senthil Balaji case in Tamil Nadu as an example.

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