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Tuesday, 27 February 2024 2.16 AM IST

Hindu, Christian women not ready to give birth; Muslim population thriving : P C George ignites another controversy


PATHANAMTHITTA: Former MLA P C George has kicked up a storm with his latest diatribe that mentioned the depleting population of Hindus and Christians in the state. He also alleged that women of Hindu and Christian communities are not ready to give birth. He was speaking at the 'People's Coalition Against Hamas Terrorism' program organized in Thiruvalla.

P C George's words:

Even after giving birth to eight or ten children, Muslim women are not ready to call it a stop. Nowadays, whenever I attend any marriage function, I tell the couple to have more than four children. Every Hindu and Christian family should have at least four children. For that to happen, our women should be ready to give birth. Erattupetta has a total population of 40,000 while 38,500 of them are Muslims.

The Hindu population has declined by nine per cent in ten years. Muslims who were only 16 percent have now become 32 percent. This is a dangerous trend. The Hindu community should lead the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. In politics, only the BJP have the might and courage to fight terrorism. Christians and other backward classes should come out from the dark and support this cause or else there may come a stage where you will sleep comfortably in your bed at night but your head will be mutilated the next morning.

Former DGP Loknath Behra said that there are more than 100 terrorist sleeper cells in Kerala. Had Modi not been in power now, there would have been no one in Kerala to interrogate Hamas terrorists. I was arrested for saying that Hindus should stay together. I will say that Hindus should definitely coalesce together for this cause and should prevent their daughters from getting lured away by these chaps(Muslims). Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt was attacked because he raised the issue of love jihad. 3000 people came to attack the bishop and it was RSS workers who shielded him and saved him from lynching.

When I was taken away by police, a bevvy of RSS workers stormed the place and blocked the Police vehicle. It was after my persuasion that they decided to allow the vehicle to move. I have a lot of admiration and respect for RSS.

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