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Sunday, 21 April 2024 9.05 PM IST

Makara Jyothi is manually lit at Ponnambalamedu: Devaswom President


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: President of Travancore Devaswomboard PS Prashanth said that Makara Jyothi is manually lit at Ponnambalamedu. Prashanth said at the Meet the Press held at Kesari Hall that Makara Jyothi is traditionally lit by the Tribal chiefs.

The police estimate of the number of pilgrims is correct. Many people are coming without registering. Those who come wearing mala cannot be stopped. The number of children was much higher this time. Old mothers and children cannot climb Pathinettampadi as fast as others. 4000 people cannot be allowed to pass through then.

It is natural for the police to impose restrictions due to congestion. The Devaswomboard will have to accept what the police say. The statement that experienced police officers were left out is not correct.

The board was given the responsibility of virtual queue by the High Court. Shifting the supply of appam and aravana to Pamba to reduce congestion should be considered after discussion. Expression of interest has been invited for the disposal of useless Aravana. HLL has come forward. The decision was made to cut the packet and carry the Aravana separately.

Digitization is the only way to avoid bottom-level problems across the board. With that, transactions will be transparent and processes will be speedy.

Political interests are behind the false propaganda against Sabarimala. The propaganda that the government will take the money of the Devaswomboard is untrue. The income of the board is used for the expenses of the temples.

PS Prashanth said that he was able to become the president of the Devaswom Board because he joined the CPM. "I doubt if I would have reached this position at this age if I had stayed in the Congress." "Congress has no organizational cohesion," he alleged, adding that it has become an election system.

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