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Thursday, 18 April 2024 7.09 PM IST

No stress on having kids, some people decided not to have children: Vidhu Prathap


People often tend to ask questions about having children after marriage. Singer Vidhu Prathap is a person who has been asked such questions. In an interview with a YouTube channel, the singer said that there are people who ask about children just to hurt even though they know they don't have children.

"Not having children is not a stress for us. At times we have felt that it puts pressure on others. This is a big problem even for people who we don't know. Sometimes we face this question while traveling somewhere for a concert. Some people will ask first about my wife and then about my children. When I say that I don't have children, they will be asked how long we have been married. When I say that it has been 15 years, they will try to make out things on their own", Vidhu said.

"These people would then suggest a doctor in their acquaintance. An outsider asking whether or not we need children is unnecessary. There is no need to further delve into this after clarifying that we don't have kids. Questions should have limits.", he added.

"There are many couples who decide not to have children. Some may be waiting for job stability. Others try hard to have children. This is a matter that should be kept between husband and wife only. I have seen some commenting that they hope to see us having a baby as soon as possible. Similarly, some people know that we don't have children but ask just to hurt us," Vidhu Pratap added.

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