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Thursday, 18 April 2024 6.56 PM IST

Two-year-old girl didn't walk away on her own; relatives reject police's assumption


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the two-year-old girl, who went missing while sleeping with her parents, remains unsolved two days after the girl was found. Although the child was found near a drain pit near the back railway tracks behind Brahmos, the investigation regarding how the child ended up there is ongoing. The child's relatives have rejected the police's assumption that the child might have walked to this place alone.

The child's father Amardeep said that the child would not walk to bushes by herself and that she had never left the place where she was sleeping. Amardeep completely rejected the police's claim that the children had gone to the pond. The children have not even gone near the railway tracks. Amardeep asks how the girl can go alone in the dark and reach there without any injury. The child's grandfather said that the child was not taken by anyone in their group and that he did not suspect anyone.

The police, who interrogated the child's relatives yesterday, are continuing to investigate the case focusing on the nomadic gangs and examining the CCTV footage. Commissioner CH Nagaraju said that clarity can be obtained in the matter only after a detailed investigation.

Child shifted to care centre
The child, who was undergoing treatment at the hospital, was discharged yesterday and shifted to a care centre with her mother. The chairperson of the child welfare committee collected details by inquiring the child about the matter. The child will be counselled again. The police had asked the family that the child should remain in the capital until the investigation was over. The police had directed the hospital authorities to keep the child under observation in the hospital for a week. However, the child was discharged and shifted to the care centre of CWC after the family created a ruckus at the SAT hospital demanding her discharge.

Blood samples of child and parents collected for testing
As the child's parents did not have any records of the two-year-old girl, blood samples of the child and parents were collected for DNA testing. Their elder children are also under the care of the Child Welfare Committee. The police assured the relatives that they would show the child, who is under the care of CWC, today.

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