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Wednesday, 24 April 2024 9.33 AM IST

Pannyan's return enlivens LDF's LS election hopes


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: 'What's wrong with buying a house in Thiruvananthapuram? Why not bring your wife here?

Why not buy a car? Former CPI Secretary Panniyan Raveendran has only one answer for those who ask these questions. "Don't I need cash for that? As a former MP, my pension is Rs 25000. Out of which my income is Rs 21000 after paying party levy of Rs 4000. I will not take five paise from anyone". It is his unblemished personality that makes the ranks excited when they hear that Pannyan will be a candidate in Thiruvananthapuram.

Despite withdrawing from the election arena after announcing that he will no longer contest, the party is again fielding Pannyan Raveendan. Realizing that Pannyan has a big place in the mind of the common man, the CPI is pushing him to field him in a VIP constituency like Thiruvananthapuram. His 'highlight' is this sparkling personality.

It was confirmed earlier that the UDF candidate will be Shashi Tharoor. BJP will also try to field a strong candidate. The left hopes that Pannyan will be enough to fight both groups. To the question about his candidature, he gave a mature reply, "Let the official decision come". But he has a definite view of the election situation. Pannyan also pointed out that the situation is not the same as in the last Lok Sabha elections. "People including the minority groups had the hope that a Congress-led government would come to power at the Centre. This led to the UDF getting so many seats in Kerala. But what happened is on the contrary. There is now a belief that the INDIA front can ensure secularism in the country,' says Panniyan.

After the death of PK Vasudevan Nair, Pannyan Raveendran contested to the Lok Sabha for the first time in the by-elections held in Thiruvananthapuram in 2005. He defeated then Congress candidate VS Sivakumar by a margin of 74,200 votes.

When asked how he assessed the performance of the MP who has represented the constituency for the last 15 years, Pannyan replied, "I am not ready to criticize the opposition candidate, these matters should be checked by the people who vote."

Minister GR Anil said that the most important thing is that the people know Pannyan Raveendran well as he came from an ordinary family and rose to the position of party state secretary. "He who is always with everyone's affairs. A common man who has not faced any stain even when he has worked in various fields. People will return that love to him," Anil said.

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