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Saturday, 25 May 2024 1.33 PM IST

BJP will gain two-digit seats in Kerala; party has never shown any discrimination, Center gives high priority, says Modi


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this time the Malayalees are more excited and has a hope that the NDA can gain two-digit seats in Kerala. The Prime Minister was inaugurating the concluding session of the Kerala Padayatra led by BJP state president K Surendran.

‘The hope people had in BJP in 2019 has turned into faith by 2024. If the people of Kerala had voted in double digits in 2019, this time it will change into a double-digit seat. I have such a request to the people of Kerala. The people of Kerala are ahead of time. If the slogan in 2019 was once again Modi government, this time the slogan is more than 400 seats.

The opposition has ensured that they will lose in the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. They do not have any road map for the development of this country. Their only agenda is to criticize Narendra Modi. The people of Kerala are capable of everything. Kerala is sure to support BJP and NDA this time. The people of Kerala have made the target of 370 seats easy. Narendra Modi is committed to fulfill your hopes and dreams and that is Modi Guarantee.

BJP has not shown any discrimination towards Kerala. BJP has not seen any state on the basis of votes. Even though the BJP was in a weak stage, they were involved in the efforts to strengthen Kerala. The BJP has tried to get schemes in Kerala to the same extent as the BJP-ruled states.

Discussions are going on in our country about Modi's third government. In the third tenure of the Modi government, India will become the third economic force in the world. This is Modi's guarantee. India will be made poverty free in the third term. Everyone knows how the LDF and UDF have ruined education in Kerala. Modi's third government will focus on how best to move forward by changing this situation in Kerala's educational institutions. This is Modi's guarantee. It is also Modi's guarantee that lakhs of job opportunities will be provided to the youth of Kerala in fields ranging from semi-conductor to green hydrogen.

Despite the rejection of the state government of Kerala, the central government is giving Kerala the highest priority in development matters. Changes have been made in the way that central government exams can be written in Malayalam. Also, the traditional healing systems of Kerala have been spread all over the world. More than one and a half crore people in Kerala are consumers of foodgrains provided by the Centre. The people of Kerala have benefited to the tune of five and a half crore rupees through the Ayushman Bharat scheme. 36 lakh households got drinking water through Jala Jeevan Mission. About 40 lakh farmers in Kerala have received financial assistance. More than 50 lakh Mudra Loans have been distributed to the people of Kerala.

The BJP has never come to power in Kerala and still the party has always worked for the development of Kerala. What is the condition of Congress and CPM fronts? They only let their family to rule the country. Communists in Kerala are also working on the same approach of the Congress. Although they act as enemies in Kerala, they are best friends outside. Governments change in Kerala but the situation does not change. Modi said the opportunity to create a new Kerala is being prepared.

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