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Thursday, 18 April 2024 8.38 PM IST

Fraud gang under guise of online channel threatens traders, extorts money


THRISSUR: Widespread fraud attempt in Kaypamangalam under the guise of online channel. New businesses in the region are the main victims of fraud channels. The last incident in this series took place at a mobile shop in Moonnupeedika last day.

The fraud gang reaches the business establishments on the occasion of the inauguration in guise of an online channel. Claiming that the channel has a huge reach and owns around 100 WhatsApp groups, they secure the company's inaugural advertising package for a huge amount of money. If the owner is not ready for it, the next move is to threaten the owner.

These people ensnare the institutions that have fallen under their spell in other ways after the inauguration. About 10 online channels are working in the area of Kaypamangalam. Half of these are fake. It is also alleged that such people have good relations with the police, who bring dishonor to well-functioning mainstream and online media workers.

The story of cheating!

For the last 11 years, an online channel operating in the area of Kaypamangalam Constituency has blackmailed a mobile shop owner by videotaping a complaint about the product from a customer.

The owner was ready to avoid harassment by paying a small amount, but the channel released the video in protest against not receiving the expected amount. Attempts to transfer the amount and refusal are recorded on CCTV. There is evidence of three channels doing the same. The owner has expressed suspicion that there is another group behind this act of the channel.

After the issue became controversial, the channel deleted the video and apologized by going to the police station and the meeting of the traders in Moonnupeedika. The police released them with a warning that action will be taken if there is any further disturbance. They were helped by the attitude of the trader that there is no need to file a case.

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