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Saturday, 13 April 2024 2.48 AM IST

Diabetes specialist robbed in Milan while en route to medical conference in Italy


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Diabetes specialist Jyothidev Keshavdev and his family were shocked by a robbery in Milan while traveling to Italy. He shared his experience on the 5th of this month through Facebook. He was entering Milan Central railway station to attend the Advanced Technologies and Treatment for Diabetes conference in Florence, Italy, when he realized his passport, cash and credit card had been stolen.

At 6:20 PM, an African man pushed Jyotidev by hitting his right leg with a large trolley bag. His wife bent down to help him, and they hurried to the platform as it was time for their train. Ten minutes later, when he opened his handbag, he discovered the wallet containing his passport, cash and credit cards was missing. An FIR was registered by the Italian police, who stated that this type of theft is common. Thirty minutes later, the thieves withdrew money using credit and debit cards, according to SMS alerts.

Only 28 euros (approximately Rs 2500) were taken before the card was blocked. Dr Shashi Tharoor, a family friend who was informed of the incident, contacted the Indian Consulate in Italy. Consulate General Atul Chauhan intervened and provided a temporary passport, allowing them to continue their journey. They are now in the process of obtaining new passports and credit cards. Jyotidev mentioned that he has been traveling abroad for many years, and this was his first such experience, noting that security measures in their home country are more stringent. He also expressed disappointment that there is often little effort made to apprehend the culprits after a crime has been committed.

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