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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 12.20 PM IST

Opposition leader's path to hearts of voters in central Kerala


KOTTAYAM: It was past 7:30 am when opposition leader VD Satheesan, along with Pathanamthitta UDF candidate Anto Antony met Dr Yuhanon Chrysostamos, Secretary of the Orthodox Church and Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in Parumala. Bread and roast eggs were ready for him on the dinner table there. He took a piece of bread and put it on his mouth and said, "It tastes good, but I only eat half belly". Satheesan always eats half-belly when traveling. But, following Metropolitan's insistence, he ate two more fruits. All central and state political issues had come up for discussion between them. After friendly visits, attending the constituency convention at Mundakkayam, and evaluating the election activities of the UDF candidate in Kottayam constituency, it was 9 pm.

The objective of Satheesan's visits was to win back the votes UDF lost in the last assembly elections in mid Travancore. From Parumala, he went straight to Thiruvalla to meet Dr. Theodosius Mar Thoma, Mar Thoma Metropolitan and the Prelate of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church. From there, he went to PRDS headquarters in Kumbanad and sought support for Anto's victory. All the issues from farmer problem to Manipur came up for discussion. He attended a press conference at Thiruvalla in the afternoon and spoke against the central and state governments

Satheesan gave accurate response to queries related to SDPI support. He also attended phone calls of serious nature during his trip to Ranni. He keeps chopped fruits in his possession to relieve the tiredness. In the afternoon, he went to the residence of Congress leader Rinku Cherian in Ranni. There, he took selfies with the workers and had small talk while having a tender coconut. After that, it was time for lunch.

The road show and convention for Anto Antony is at 4 pm in Mundakkayam. On the way, he reached Thulapalli and met the family of Biju who died in an elephant attack. He comforted the family members gathered around him. By 5 pm, he addressed the slogans of hundreds of activists in Mundakkayam Crossway with a smile and a wave. The crowd carried the leader on their shoulders as he stepped out of the open jeep in front of the conference hall. He smiled and waved and returned his love.

There, he spoke about the fear among the minorities due to the central government, the financial crisis in Kerala, about the stand towards SDPI and the lack of justice for Riyaz Maulavi.

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