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Friday, 24 May 2024 12.47 PM IST

Scary parcel fraud: Young woman lawyer duped of Rs 14 lakh by criminal gang


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A strange complaint was registered from Bengaluru on Wednesday. A 29-year-old woman was duped of Rs 14 lakhs after a gang dialled her phone number to deliver a parcel which she didn’t order. The call was received in the name of FedEx, an e-commerce platform. On Tuesday, Kerala Kaumudi published news about gangs who extort money by delivering goods that are not ordered in the first place.

New Scam: Call from FedEx on April 3rd

The call said that there were 140 tablets of MDMA in the parcel. The gang even threatened to hand over her number to a cyber cell. In fear and not knowing the real crime that was unfolding, the woman gave away details of her Aadhar. The gang appeared the next day and asked the woman to transfer the entire money in her account to another dummy account. They convinced her that it was being done to check about possible illegal transactions that might have happened in the past.

The gang took all the details from the woman’s credit card and went shopping for Rs four lakh. Later they coerced the women to undress through a Skype video call in the guise of narcotic examination. The gang even forced her to jail term if she did not comply.

It was said that this was a fraud perpetrated by a person related to a leading bank in India and that political leaders were also involved. The gang later demanded Rs 10 lakh more to stop them from uploading her nudes on the dark web. This made the woman realize the scam running behind and she headed straight to Bengaluru Cyber ​​Police with a complaint.

  • Also, beware of fraudsters who call saying that a parcel has been sent to a different address and require you to enter the OTP sent to your phone to cancel it.

  • Online transactions will be monitored. Cyber ​​experts say that e-commerce platforms never ask for personal information including Aadhaar.
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