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Wednesday, 22 May 2024 1.53 PM IST

Modi lookalike Ramachandran was surrounded by people when he went to see Ram temple; they wanted two things from him


KANNUR: Ramachandran (71), a native of Mathil Patachery, who has a resemblance to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been receiving phone calls from all over the country. The question is whether he will campaign for BJP and his answer is no.

Ramachandran, who admires Modi, is worried that this resemblance to Modi will be misused. That's why he asserts that he will not get involved in anything related to politics. Ramachandran says that he will go on trips only after the election.

Ramachandran was surrounded by Modi fans at the Agra railway station when he went to visit the Ram temple in Ayodhya. Even though he said that he is Ramachandran, a Malayali, they did not let him leave. Everyone wanted to take a selfie and fall at his feet. BJP National Vice President AP Abdullakutty also took a selfie with him. Ramachandran is getting calls from other states. None of the BJP leaders in Kerala have called him yet. Ramachandran was also invited by channels for comedy shows. He acted as the Prime Minister in the Kannada film Statement 8/11, which was on the theme of demonetisation.

Payyannur picture that went viral.

Ramachandran went viral when someone took a picture of him while he was standing at the Payyannur railway station. The tweet of Narendra Modi who shared the picture saying that such jokes are necessary in public life followed. Ramachandran, who worked in Mumbai and abroad for 40 years, came to India eight years ago. His wife Omana and sons Rajeev and Rajesh, both IT workers, live in Bangalore. Ramachandran has been living alternately between the native place and Bengaluru.

Police escort in Rajasthan

Ramachandran was surrounded by people when he came to meet his brother when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. When Ramachandran went to Rajasthan, police escort was required. Ramachandran has clothes and glasses just like Modi's. When Modi extended his beard, so did Ramachandran.

"It is nice to get the same share of adoration that Modi gets. I want to meet Modi." -Ramachandran

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