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Saturday, 25 May 2024 10.58 PM IST

Mental and physical health of children; parents demand playgrounds in schools 


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Parents are demanding that schools should provide play space and provide opportunities for exercise as health problems are increasing and mental alertness is decreasing in children. The High Court had suggested that schools without playgrounds should be closed, but the Education Department is of the view that it is not feasible. However, parents do not agree with this.

2,103 government schools and 1,778 aided schools in the state do not have playgrounds. This was reported by 'Kerala Kaumudi'. Health experts point out that this situation, which leads to a lack of exercise, is a major cause of lifestyle diseases in children. Children do not get enough vitamin D due to lack of sun exposure. It causes depression and a lack of energy.

Pattom Government Model Girls Higher Secondary School, Physical Education Teacher Jolly Jose says that children should be given opportunities for physical training twice a week and half an hour of games a day.

'PTA should intervene'

L Harish Shankar, former sports organizer of the Education Department, said that it is imperative that PTAs intervene and use government funds to prepare playgrounds in schools. Grounds may not be practical for every school. Facilities should be provided so that the grounds of nearby schools can be used.

"Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), menstrual irregularities and obesity are on the rise in girls. In the past, there were no such diseases because they were involved in games and sports at school

- Dr. S Aswathy, Gynecologist,

Yana Women's Hospital, Akkulam

"The authorities should be ready to provide playgrounds in schools keeping in mind the health of the children

-Jayalakshmi R,

parent, Kollam

"Most households have only one or two children and because of this children have the opportunity to play and have fun only in schools. Playgrounds should be ensured in schools

- Rajin R.

parent, Kallambalam

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