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Saturday, 15 June 2024 4.24 PM IST

'EP era' ending in CPM? Tough decision is likely to be taken tomorrow


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Reports said the EP era in the CPM is likely to be over. The party centers have indicated that strict action will be taken against E P Jayarajan at the CPM state secretariat tomorrow. Action is likely to be taken as the central and the state leaderships are deeply dissatisfied with his meeting with Javadekar.

It is assessed that the senior leader hid his meeting with Javadekar from the party. Moreover, the party considers it an unforgivable mistake to reveal the meeting in the morning of the polling day. It will also be examined whether this was done in collaboration with the BJP based on the correct script. Reports said that Jayarajan may vacate the post of LDF convenor before being expelled from the party as it is clear that he will be out and may take a long leave from the party.

Even Kannur, his own turf, has completely rejected EP.

The Kannur unit also fully supports chief minister's opinion against Jayarajan, who was at the helm of the party leadership's movements even during the period when sectarianism was at the helm. The leadership, including Jayarajan, was nicknamed 'Kannur Lobby'. Many accusations were later raised against Jayarajan from Kannur, his home turf. Pinarayi Vijayan, who was the savior of EP all those days, has now criticized him in harsh language.

M V Jayarajan said yesterday that the party's stand was stated by the chief minister as a member of the politburo. Jayarajan told the media said that what the chief minister said is considered to be what the party leadership was saying, he looked at all aspects and said not a word can be changed from it.

Ever since the relative appointment controversy, the leaders of Kannur had not supported EP Jayarajan much. The allegation that EP Jayarajan had acquired illegal wealth under the guise of an Ayurvedic resort was raised by P Jayarajan in the CPM state committee and the leaders upheld it. P Jayarajan opened up that day in the discussion of the rectification document regarding the decay caused in the party by the continued administration and the urgent organizational duty. It has been discussed in the context of the new controversy that there was no action on this allegation investigated by the party. P Jayarajan's supporters grumbled that the party, which was quick to take action against P Jayarajan in the personal puja controversy, was taking a soft approach towards the EP.

Action in central committee

EP is expecting action for not informing the visit of BJP leader. As a member of the central committee, the organizational structure is to take disciplinary action against the member. The action of the central committee will be based on the recommendation given by the state committee and the PB. EP's stand is that they should not respond to the media for the time being.

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