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Tuesday, 25 June 2024 4.42 PM IST

Kozhikode Medical College once again lands in controversy; surgery performed on four-year-old's tongue instead of finger


KOZHIKODE: The Kozhikode Medical College once again landed in a controversy after a doctor of the hospital performed surgery on a four-year-old girl's tongue instead of her finger. However, the hospital superintendent justified the doctor's action by saying that the doctor performed the surgery on the child's tongue after noticing a knot below the tongue.

Associate Professor Dr Bijon Johnson, who performed the surgery, was suspended after the media took over the matter. The action was taken on the DMO's report. Minister Veena George had sought an urgent report on the matter. Meanwhile, the child's police have lodged a complaint with the police.

Aisha Ruvai, the daughter of Cheruvannur native Rashik and Nihala, was the one who faced the ordeal at the hospital. She was brought to the hospital for the surgical removal of the sixth finger on her left hand. Later, the finger was removed through another surgery. The child was discharged yesterday. Congress workers who protested in front of the hospital were arrested by the police.

On Wednesday, Aisha was brought to the Institute of Maternal and Child Health (IMCH) for the surgical removal of the sixth finger on her left hand. Noticing cotton on her mouth after the surgery, her relatives asked the nurse about it. When they changed the cloth on her left hand, the sixth finger was still there. The child's relatives said that when they asked the nurse about it, her response was a smile. The doctor realized the mistake when the relatives said the operation was to be done on her hand. The doctor apologized and said that it was a mistake on his side. He then immediately performed another operation and removed the sixth finger of the child.

The superintendent of the Medical College said that the child had a tongue-tie surgery. However, the relatives said that the girl did not have any such problem and that they did not come to the hospital for that surgery. After receiving further explanation from the doctor and the superintendent, the relatives decided to take further steps.

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