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Tuesday, 23 July 2024 4.55 AM IST

'I have never told this to anyone, all this is being shared for the first time': Urvashi opens up 


Urvashi is an actress who is loved by Malayalees for her many films like Mithunam, Spadikam, and Thalayana Manthram. Many even describe the actress as lady superstar. Urvashi's first husband was actor Manoj K Jayan. They have a daughter named Kunjatta (Teja Lakshmi) from this relationship. Urvashi has now revealed in an interview to a Tamil media about welcoming her first child.

'I am afraid of cesarean section. So when I got pregnant I said that I would give birth only at home. Both my Athai and Paatti told me that they gave birth at home. Everything the old people said affected my mind.

The nurse from the nearby hospital came and took two TTs and that was it. I worked full-time. I went for shooting till a week before delivery. While shooting dappankuthu dance Prabhu sir used to say 'Ayyayyo!!! Why is this girl doing this?! How many months are you due? Do it correctly.'

But thank God. They say if you work hard, delivery will be good. I am a believer in God. My doctor is my god. People in my home told me that there is nothing wrong with working. I probably wouldn't have been able to work if I had been intimidated. No one in my house said that. So it was a normal delivery. I felt the fulfilment of being born as a female at the time of her birth. I will never forget that moment. I kept crying.

Not during labour, but it was after she was born that I started feeling insecure. I didn't allow them to put the baby in the crib all by herself, I asked them to put her next to me. If the nurse comes and wipes the baby, I'll say don't wipe roughly, do it lightly. I wanted to bathe the baby myself. I've seen Paatti and Athai bathing babies. So I used to bathe the baby myself. I used to take the baby along for every shoot. I have never told this to anyone. All this is being shared for the first time,- said Urvashi.

Manoj K Jayan and Urvashi got married after their breakup. Kunjata spends time with both of them. Urvashi got married to Shivaprasad. She has a son from this relationship.

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