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Thursday, 25 July 2024 12.33 AM IST

Idavela Babu reveals reason for stepping down from general secretary post


Idavela Babu said that he decided to step down from the post of general secretary of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) with the intention of realizing what he had done while alive.

A quarter century is not a small period. My age is not of 25 years ago. Naturally my thoughts have also changed. Change is inevitable, new generation should come. If I don't step down, this vehicle will run like this. The feeling that Babu will do everything is dangerous. Babu said that if that thought comes, AMMA will not go ahead. His revelation was in an interview given to Vanitha Magazine.

‘We should recognize the good things we have done while we are alive. Only if I step down from this post, I can feel all that I have done for AMMA. I know that from the next meeting onwards, my place will not be on the dais, but at one corner of the venue. I have prepared for that.

Arranging star nights to doing the job of office boy. After realizing my workload, Lalettan once said, 'I will never ask you to continue, taking so much strain. Many are not seeing this.

The behavior of some of the new generation stars have pained me. Son of a leading actor. He is also an actor. His father got insurance from AMMA and Kaineettam also. The actor son while sitting on a set said, 'Why are we joining AMMA? Is it to look after the elderly?'

Have faced many controversies. The incident of expelling Thilakan Chettan from the organization, the issues with Shammi Thilakan, the things related to WCC organization, the Dileep incident... and so on, went through many crises. All the decisions taken were according to the rules of the organization. So, there is no feeling of having made a mistake.

Overcame many unnecessary controversies. Such problems are likely to rise again. When 'AMMA' organization was formed, the members did not have any political leaning but now many are active politicians. Disagreements due to that may enter the organization. An example is Ganesh Kumar's statement against Suresh Gopi during the recent Lok Sabha polls. It should have been avoided. All are AMMA’s children?

With the advent of social media, the revelations that were confined to the organization came to the public. It is correct if asked whether it is not the freedom of speech. But when thought about the unity of the organization, should think whether it is right. He said many attacks are without even knowing the truth.’

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