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Saturday, 18 September 2021 8.32 AM IST

Afghanistan, whose gun is smoking?


The US Afghan Mission which completed 20 long years this August has come to an end and the country has gone to the Taliban, an Islam terrorist outfit. The fanatics have already decided to rename the country as The Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan. The Afghans who have some sense in them thanks to their education are fleeing the country if fear of the torturous tyranny on the anvil. At the Kabul airport lakhs of people, including women and children thronged around the flights in their struggle to escape from an ill-fated country. Countries including the US were assisting them as much as possible. As these countries have withdrawn from evacuation, those who are left behind are doomed forever.

Under the fanatic tyranny of Taliban, man is sure to lose his stature as a thinking being. Under the new regime with its outdated religious laws and dictates, the citizens have only two choices, living an undignified beastly life with no thought, wisdom, fundamental rights, creativity and passion for knowledge or lose their life. It is painful to think that when people in other countries which are not fanatic lead a life of freedom and dignity, the Afghans will have to put up with a primitive existence meted out to them in the name of god and religion. After America was hard hit in the Twin Tower air strike, naturally they interfered in the governance of Afghan which was the epicentre of such activities. The country also had a vision to save the hapless people from the trials and tribulations they are suffering from under the Taliban and other Islamic terrorist organizations. It was also on the cards for America to uproot terrorism, reinstate democracy, women’s rights, human rights and modern education in that country. As the US stepped in the Afghan people suddenly realized what real freedom is. But at the same time America had to give a huge prize for their intervention in Afghan for twenty long eventful years. Even from the home front there were loud and clear messages that the US should end its mission and any aid given to Afghan. This was the longest war America ever fought, a war for which the US had to spend 97,000 dollars. Of this, 14,300 crores were spent on rebuilding the country. 8800 crores were spent in training the Afghan army and 360 dollars was spent on administration and developments projects. Huge amounts were also spent to fight the drug mafia, for charity work and on women’s education. When the US army’s presence grew to be a hundred thousand strong in Afghanistan, it cost the US 10,000 crores every year. Along with the US, Britain spent 3000 crores and Germany spent 19000 crores for their war against terror in Afghanistan.

2448 American soldiers lost their lives in the Afghan soil. 3846 U S contractors, 444 volunteers and 72 media persons were also killed during their work in Afghanistan. 1144 soldiers including those from the NATO countries were also killed there during this time.

On 2021 August 26 at Kabul Airport 13 more Americans soldiers got killed by suicide bombers supporting the Islamic state. America is withdrawing from the Afghan soil as such a huge sacrifice apart from the investments and financial aid has had no effect so far.

The main reason why the American mission failed to attain its aims is the clandestine intervention of Pakistan and China in the issue. Most of the Taliban terrorists are from Pakistan. They were given training in terrorism by ISI. China supplied them with arms and ammunition. Pakistan has a secret agenda that India should not have an upper hand in Afghanistan. China also share the same agenda. Reports are coming out that most of those who were trained by America to combat terrorism in Afghanistan showed no allegiance to the US. For them it was only a way of making money. In fact, there are reports that they were supporting and helping Taliban to procure money through drug deals and human trafficking.

China competing with America to become a world power wanted to oust America from the Afghan soil. This being an absolute necessity for them, they could not watch America strengthening their influence in Afghanistan. Also to complete the economic corridor between China and Pakistan, they had to evict American from the Afghan soil.

Iran for whom America is a sworn enemy also cannot tolerate American intervention in Afghanistan. Pondering over the memories of the cold war which had come to end long ago, Russia is being silent. As Taliban solidified their influence in Afghan, Pakistan and China were the first nations to support them. China will be the main partner in rebuilding Afghanistan now. Pakistan will also benefit from that. It is necessary for them to keep Kashmir unstable. The two countries have set their eyes on the mineral deposits in Afghanistan. It is necessary for the invaders to keep the invaded society away from education and awareness so that no one will resist their exploitation. So, these countries do not want the Afghans to have education or to develop their critical thinking and scientific temper. They want the people of these countries they have invaded to live an uncouth life enslaved by blind religious dictates. It is with this in mind that they support the fanatics who have become rulers of this country.

As Taliban gains power, India is the country most adversely affected by the turn of events. It was India which had led the development of the infrastructure and rebuilding of Afghanistan which had been devastated by its long years under Taliban. Under the leadership of India developmental projects worth three billion dollars were moving forward.
Quite a good number of roads, dams, power-grids, educational institutions and even the Afghan Parliament building was built by India. We imported goods worth a billion dollars from Afghanistan. Union Minister for foreign affairs Jaysankar says that 400 projects are being executed by India across 34 provinces in Afghanistan. No one can predict the future of these projects now. Taliban keeps saying it would like to have a good relation with India.

America’s presence in Afghanistan for two decades and their intervention had brought in remarkable changes in the lives of women. The number of women who go to school rose to 40 percent. Women found roles in the police and in the army. In the field of art, robotics films and in Olympics, women began to gain intentional reputation. As Taliban gains power, the women in Taliban will go back to sexual slavery and flesh trade and become live commodities. According to Taliban’s religious dictates one can marry any number of women and enslave them. So, even a ten-year-old can be taken away from her home and forcefully married off to some grey heads.

As Pakistan, Iran and China sabotaged America’s mission to curb and contain terrorism by supporting those who should be opposed, and America is shelving its mission, the country is going to the dogs for sure. At the same time the Afghan issue is getting international attention.

Till now, only America and the NATO countries were the only ones who cared. But in the present scenario it is clear that every country which believes in democracy and secularism should vote for foreign intervention in Afghanistan. The withdrawal of American troops has made the issue truly international. All the unbiased nations of the world should join hand to save Afghanistan from these demons.

Taliban and their supporters are forcing an alien faith in a land which used to be an integral part of India long ago. The land which has Shaiva-Buddha legacy rooted in it will go on dismissing primitive religious beliefs. It is the good earth rising against the evil men that we see as the unending conflicts in Egypt, Iran and Pakistan.

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