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Friday, 20 May 2022 7.31 PM IST

Indian communism lost its virtue and fragrance years ago: Ramya Haridas


Congress MP Ramya Haridas lashed out at the Kerala government and the Indian communism. The virtue and fragrance of Indian communism was lost years ago. The Communists who were once portrayed as the protectors of workers and farmers are not even seen movies now, said the MP through a Facebook post. She expressed her view while extending support to Aritha Babu, former Congress candidate of Kayamkulam, who had openly written about facing severe cyber-attacks from left supporters.

‘’A Facebook post criticising the Kerala government will often have obscene comments below them. The party workers on social media are proud of these comments’’, said Ramya Haridas.

Facebook post

‘Dear Aritha Babu,

The virtue and fragrance of the once celebrated Indian communism was lost years ago. The Communists who were once portrayed as the protectors of workers and farmers have now seized to exist even in movies. Fake IDs and cyber warriors is today’s communism. The very same culture from leader to followers… that is where lies, double meanings and obscene remarks come in, where elder leaders are sent for capital punishment, where journalists who write against you are termed fatherless… Those who move out of the party become destroyers and religious heads become ugly creatures…

That is when, destruction of farm lands and paddy fields fail to hurt the minds of communists… Common man is betrayed for the gain of corporates… This is the modern variant of communism.


This is common affair for them in social media. The comments that come below my Facebook posts criticising Kerala government are often obscene remarks. These are not just from fake IDs; people pass such obscene comments from their original IDs as well. It is a matter of pride for the party workers on social media. They do not even care about the fact that their parents or children might see these… such cultureless fellows.

This is not your problem alone. Anyone criticising the communist party or the Kerala government has to go through the same situation. Neglect it with complete ignorance. Continue your works along with the people. The common people will be with you for sure…

I don’t expect to get justice in these matters, not from the official leadership of the communist Marxist party nor from the rulers of Kerala.’

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