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Friday, 01 July 2022 11.21 AM IST

'Home' award snub controversy goes beyond limits of culture, minister Saji Cherian's response made it worse


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The reaction of the Minister of Culture Saji Cherian to the controversy over the award decision, ignoring the film 'Home' which won the hearts of the family audience, has become a question mark in the eyes of the film world and the award-determining tradition. The protest against the denial of the state film award to Indrans, who won the hearts of the people with his extraordinary performance in 'Home' movie, also reached its anti-climax.

The jury's decision was overshadowed by the Minister of Culture's response that the award was given to the best performer and that next time it can be given to some Congressman if they act well. Cherian's response to allegations of political interference in the award process was like pouring oil to the fire.

The minister said he would not seek an explanation from the jury on the allegation that the 'Home' movie was omitted.

Even before Indrans responded, reactions questioning the jury's decision were circulating on social media. Following this, Indrans reacted to this during the shooting of the movie 'Lewis' in Konni.

'The jury might have not seen Home, 'Hridayam is also a good movie. I do not regret not getting the award, ”he said.

The minister denied allegations of government interference in the award process. The controversy took on a political dimension when Shafi Parampil MLA responded that the omission of Home and Indrans was intentional. Film academy chairman Ranjith said he had no role and that it was the jury's decision.

As the controversy intensified, jury chairman Syed Mishra came up with an explanation.

He said Indrans' allegation is not true and that 'Home' had not reached the final stage in any category.

Actress Manju Pillai, who played the lead role along with Indrans, did not hide her sadness that 'Home' was not considered for any award. On the one hand, there is a rumour that the movie was denied any awards due to its producer Vijay Babu, who was involved in a sexual harassment case. Indrans raised the logical question of whether the whole family would be punished if one member of the family did wrong.

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