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Friday, 01 March 2024 3.52 AM IST

Last year's Corporation budget announcement turns hollow with no projects implemented


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The projects announced by the Corporation in the last budget, giving priority to gender justice, health, education, hunger-free city and drinking water, have turned hollow. A year after 181 projects were announced, not a single one has been fully completed or implemented.

Five projects reached the initial stage but stalled. The plans for the upliftment of women were announced in the last budget by referring to ONV Kurup's poem 'Nee Amma, Nee Patni, Nee Putri, Nee Bhoomi'. The new budget will be announced on February 10. This will be discussed in the evaluation of the previous budget. A budget with a surplus of 272 crores, 1672 cr revenue and 1356 cr revenue was announced last year.

Last budget announced Rs 1.5 crores for welfare activities for HIV sufferers for the first time in the state, 2 crores for public hotels where food is provided free of cost, 2 crores for providing free food to patients and residents of General Hospital, Fort, Thaikkad and Nemom hospitals.

The allegation is that the budget is being prepared without proper planning and discussion. Though there is money for the projects, there are only a few personnel to implement them. A section of officials are also opposed to the announcement of big projects by the corporation, which does not have the manpower to fill the potholes on the road.

Major projects announced

15 projects for the upliftment of women-Rs.4.77 crores

Nutrition distribution to pregnant and lactating mothers-5 crores

Various schemes for coastal residents-5.6 crores

1.5 Crore for Scholarship for Scheduled Caste Students

Grama Vandi-1 crore

CCTV-1 crore in prime locations

Exemption from property tax if kitchen bins are installed

20 crore to upgrade roads

Drinking water for every house-50 crores

Schemes to be announced in this year's budget

Vlappilsala Mini Township

Drinking water and sewage connection in every house

Small Enterprise Promotion

Increasing working days

Construction of 44 new health centres

A special scheme for their services as the elderly population has increased by 20 percent in the city

Municipal services are completely online

Set up Kunnukuzhi abattoir

100% expansion of Green Karma Sena activities in the city

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