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Wednesday, 29 March 2023 6.25 PM IST

Afghanistan, a nation?


The depressing news from Afghanistan is also an embarrassment to humanity. It challenges our cultural heritage as a species, an asset we have achieved so far and still refining. The Taliban regime, synonymous with apathy, has completely abolished higher education for women in Afghanistan. All the girls who have entered secondary classes in the schools have been sent back without being allowed to study. Taliban says that women need only learn the Quran. While women are advancing in all fields in the rest of the world where like India democracy has been long established, in religious countries like Afghanistan, they have to study only the religious book and live a life of slavery under men.

During the first rule of the Taliban from 1996 to 2001, they unleashed the brutality of religious injunctions on the people, but with the intervention of the American allies, the people began to breathe free air. With the withdrawal of the United States and others from Afghanistan, the people's suffering begins again.

When the Taliban came to power for the second time, they responded to the concerns of world nations by saying that they would not take away the freedom of women. Yet they were implementing Sharia laws one by one, making women mere slaves of religious priesthood and patriarchy.

When the Taliban came to power, the Taliban implemented strict inhumane prohibitions such as women not being allowed in public places such as parks or tourist centers, not to be seen outside their homes unaccompanied by a close male relative, not being allowed to be conspicuous by voice, not talking loud enough to be heard by a male, not wearing high-heeled shoes, and not coming near an open window at home. At the culmination of all this, the government has come up with a ban on girls not pursuing higher education. A decree has also been issued that women should not see male doctors for treatment and should see only female doctors. But these fanatical nitwits don't think how women doctors can exist in a country where women are denied education. The Taliban terror regime has now taken away the opportunity for women to get an education when the US military team was in Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of Afghan girls who have prepared for secondary and college-level studies are now sitting helplessly facing a bleak future. Students who are studying in universities are also in a situation where they don't know what to do.

The fate of women who are destined to be born and live in religious states is deplorable. 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was beaten to death by the religious police in Iran for allegedly not wearing a headscarf properly.

More than 300 people were killed in the ensuing protest. The government is ready to withdraw the religious police, at least temporarily, as part of the fact that the Islamic regime in Iran has begun to understand the power of women.

Although religion tends to keep people in line in Iran, its people have a great tradition of wisdom and genius. The country has a history of contributing many world citizens before the 8th century. The past history of Afghanistan is the same. Nations like Afghanistan, Iran and Egypt lost their great traditions with the invasion of Semitic religions.

Afghanistan, on the other hand, has sunk irretrievably into the abyss. The time has come for a stronger intervention led by the United Nations to recognize that the people living there are also human beings and that they have the right and the right to breathe free air. Or, like a virus, elements of terrorism can spread to other nations. Even among those who live in a free secular democratic nation like India, we can find satanic worshipers. Although the national investigation agencies are trapping those who have gone there after being attracted by the religious activities of terrorism in Afghanistan and those who are conniving with terrorist activities here, current events prove that those affected by the devil are still active here. This reality is indicated by the NIA's release of the blasts in Coimbatore and Karnataka and the links of the accused with several organizations in Kerala.

While the central government is vigilant against the reactionary forces, the society has to be vigilant against those who think of Talibanism and convince them of what knowledge is and the freedom it brings.

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