Student meets with tragic death after fleeing police in Kollam


KOLLAM: Student dies after getting electrocuted from an electric fence. Ashiq (19), a Mankottupadam native is the deceased. Another person was injured. The incident was around midnight at Pathanapuram in Kollam. Ashiq, who was running away from the police, touched the electric fence which was placed to hunt wild animals.

The police had strengthened patrolling in the area due to a conflict between SDPI and AIYF. Ashiq and his friends, playing caroms at a bus waiting centre, got nervous on seeing the police and fled. He came in contact with an electric which was placed to catch wild boar. Ashiq was rushed to the hospital, but his life couldn’t be saved. His friend Jomon is hospitalized after getting injured.

The police caught Padam native Murali for illegally placing electric fence close to the forest area. He has been charged with sections including culpable homicide.