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Sunday, 04 June 2023 7.38 PM IST

'Petty Police' took his life; a family orphaned by SI's action


  • Police Complaints Authority has sought a report
  • Human Rights Commission filed a case
  • Investigation has been handed over to the District Crime Branch

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM/KOCHI: The two-wheeler rider who fell victim to SI's might during the vehicle inspection died, leaving another poor family orphaned. Manoharan (52) from Irumpanam Farmer Colony, Tripunithura, died of a broken heart due to the brutality of SI. The tyranny of police has taken another life, even though the state has all the mechanisms to impose fines for violation of the law without stopping the vehicle. The guilty SI, Jimmy Jose, was suspended, but the anger of Manoharan's close friends, relatives, and locals did not subside. The protest which started on Saturday night in front of the Tripunithura Hillpalas police station continued till late yesterday.

The police signaled Manoharan at a distance of barely 50 meters away from his house. SI stopped Manoharan after following him in the jeep and dragged him to the jeep after slapping him across the face. The witnesses said that SI did not listen to Manoharan who was saying that he was not drunk and he didn't see the police asking him to stop. The other policemen also showed enthusiasm to drag Manohar, who was exhausted by the insult, into the jeep.

While narrating the incident to his friend who came to bail him out, Manoharan, collapsed at the station. He had died by the time he was taken to the hospital. Manoharan was returning from meeting a friend after closing the spare parts shop in Cheranallur when he was stopped by the police at 8.45 on Saturday night and taken into custody. Wife: Sini. Children: Arjun and Sachin. The body was brought to the house at Irumpanam's around 8.30 last night and was cremated at the Tripunithura public crematorium in the presence of a large crowd.

Other ways to impose fines

Violation of motorists can be fined by mobile phone. And to top it all off, there are cameras along the way. There is a register in the police stations to write down how many fines are imposed by taking photos like this. Although this will add to the total number of fines, some officials are interested in outright arrests.

290 crore profit for the government!

An unofficial estimate is that the police contribute at least 290 crore rupees annually to the government exchequer through vehicle penalties. Therefore, there may be no change in the police's vehicle inspection because of yesterday's tragic incident. Each station is 'collecting' at a fixed target. This target will not be found in the records. The police do not release the amount received in this category.

Body injuries

The preliminary post-mortem report said that Manoharan's body had minor injuries and signs of heart attack. A sample of the internal organs was sent for detailed examination. City Police Commissioner K Sethuraman said that the District Crime Branch will investigate the death of Manoharan. The Human Rights Commission filed the case on its own initiative. The Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority reached Hill palace station yesterday and examined the CCTV footage. Minister P Rajeev visited Manoharan's house and comforted his mother, wife and children.

The man said that he was not drunk. They did not listen. He didn't even get time to get off the bike. When he took off his helmet, the SI slapped him on his left cheek. The sound was like a firecracker bursting and it is still ringing in my ears

-Rema (witness)

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