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Wednesday, 28 February 2024 2.03 PM IST

Promotion for treasury loot; more than 120 deputations even in financial crisis


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: When the government restricted promotion due to financial crisis, the bureaucratic lobby subverted it by creating the deputation loophole. If a senior official is transferred to another post on deputation, another official will be promoted to that post, followed by a promotion for officials of lower ranks. Promotions are being done to more than 10 posts of lower ranks through a single appointment. It will be exempt from prior approval of the Finance Department. With this, the control brought by the government has collapsed. Deputation rules were not followed in most of these cases. There were more than 120 such deputations in two years. Proportionately, the total number of promotions at the lower levels would be over a thousand. People have been promoted like this in most departments. Shortcuts are being sought to protect the interests of those close to the ruling party.

The government has ordered that no promotion should be done even if someone takes leave for three months. The recommendation of the Administrative Reforms Commission is to reduce posts and promotions through redeployment. All of that is paralleled by the subversive move.

Five Additional Labor Commissioners

Additional Labor Commissioner is the highest non-IAS cadre post in Thozhil Bhavan. Up to three Additional Labor Commissioners namely Industrial Relations, Welfare and Enforcement are allowed. After sending two people on deputation to Garment Workers and Unorganized Workers Welfare Funds, two Joint Commissioners were promoted. With that, five additional labour commissioners have been appointed. Their salary ranges from one and a half lakh to two lakh rupees.

Only people of the rank of Joint Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner are appointed in the institutions including the Garment Workers Welfare Fund. Additional Labor Commissioners were sent on deputation to that post. One person each of women officers belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes were sent on deputation without their consent. They protested against their transfer to lower cadre posts but it was ignored. Such actions against women, especially Scheduled Tribes, are against the law. Promotion was given to those up to Assistant Labor Officer.

Application will not be invited, consent will not be sought

  • In case of a deputation vacancy, applications should be invited with the permission of PSC. Those who are interested should apply with the consent of the superior. No officer shall be sent on deputation without consent.
  • A deputation order will be issued like a transfer order. Application will not be invited or consent obtained. First promotion to the vacancy created for this purpose. This will be followed by promotion at lower levels.

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