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Tuesday, 16 April 2024 1.39 PM IST

Muslim League strategizes over Rajya Sabha seat amid factional tensions


MALAPPURAM: Muslim League is vying for the Rajya Sabha seat offered by the Congress instead of the third Lok Sabha seat. With the name of State General Secretary PMA Salam emerging, the opposition's move is to align with Samasta. The opposing party is advocating for Abdus Samad Samadani to become a Rajya Sabha member while proposing ET Muhammad Basheer to contest in Malappuram and introducing a newcomer in Ponnani. Muslim League state president Sadiqali has deferred the decision to the party leaders.

The faction within the League opposed to Kunhalikutty, including KM Shaji, aims for the state general secretary post that PMA Salam would vacate if he becomes a Rajya Sabha member. Recognizing the threat, the Kunjalikutty faction is acting to prevent this. PMA Salam is a confidant of Kunhalikutty, so it's not surprising that the youth league leader initially considered for Ponnani is now nominated for the Rajya Sabha. KM Shaji's bid to contest in Ponnani has been thwarted by the Kunhalikutty faction with local support.

In the past assembly elections, PMA Salam attempted to contest from Thirurangadi but was sidelined with the arrival of KPA Majeed. Then-League State President Hyderali Shihab strongly protested against Salam. Subsequently, Salam was tasked with persuasion. Salam does not align with Samasta, leading to an assessment that the Rajya Sabha is a safer option than contesting for the Legislative Assembly.

Meanwhile, the Muslim League Parliamentary Leadership meeting scheduled in Panakkat today has been postponed. State President Sadiqali will meet party leaders today to discuss further steps. The League has urged the Congress High Command to confirm the Rajya Sabha seat in their bilateral discussions. Concerns arise within the League as the High Command seems inclined to let Kerala decide independently. Despite previous unfulfilled promises of Rajya Sabha seats by the state leadership, the League vows to take preventive measures. Sadiqali will subsequently announce the candidate.

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