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Sunday, 14 July 2024 10.22 AM IST

Artificial rain is simple and powerful: Heavy rain in Mansoor's house even in summer


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: It rains heavily in Mansoor's house even in hot summer. Cold indoors and outdoors. Neighbours visit Mansoor's 'Poonkuzhi' house in Vaniyambalam, Malappuram to get relief from the sun. The 48-year-old man is making artificial rain with a half-hp motor and five sprinklers.

Mansoor was an AC mechanic in Saudi. When he returned eight years ago, it was very hot in his house. It was then that the idea of ​​artificial rain was born. It was implemented two years ago.

A 300-watt half-hp motor was connected through pipes to the 500-litre water tank on the terrace. The project was completed when five sprinklers used for agriculture were connected to the motor and attached to the sunshades. The motor will be switched on for 10 minutes each at 6 am and 6 pm. The effect of rain is obtained when the water falling from the sprinkler hits the leaves of the trees. Rain can be created anytime according to wish. Sapota, guava, mango tree, jack fruit tree and other trees are growing on the ten cents of land. Mansoor's Wife is Yasmi. Children Shamila, Sadia, Shaniha.

Current bill came down from four thousand to two thousand

The price of the motor was Rs.2000. Rs.1000 for pipe and five sprinklers. There was no labour charge as it was installed by Mansoor himself. Total cost is Rs.3000. An average of 250 litres of water will be used in the morning and evening. The bill for electricity to run the motor and water is less than 2000. Earlier the bill for AC was Rs 4000. AC is not being used now. There is no need to water the plants separately.

"Artificial rain is simple and powerful. It can be implemented as a government scheme in tourist areas and near dams. The cost is very low."

- Mansoor

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