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Friday, 24 May 2024 9.18 AM IST

Atishi with President's rule accusation; 'imaginary story', replies BJP Delhi Unit President Virendra Sachdeva


NEW DELHI: Delhi Minister Atishi Marlena has accused the BJP of trying to implement President's rule in Delhi immediately. Atishi said the imposition of President's rule was illegal and against the interest of the people.

"Kejriwal's arrest is part of a political conspiracy to bring down the AAP government. We have learned from reliable sources that President's Rule will be imposed in Delhi within a few days. AAP had defeated BJP in 2015 and 2020 Delhi assembly elections. That is why they want to bring down the government. ' - said Atishi.

"There have been several recent developments that indicate the possibility of President's rule in Delhi. No senior IAS officers have been posted in Delhi for the past few months. The posts are vacant. Officials do not attend meetings called by ministers. The Governor has sent a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the functioning of the Delhi Government.' - pointed out Atishi.

However, BJP Delhi Unit President Virendra Sachdeva came forward rejecting Atishi's argument saying that she is saying false things. He also accused Aam Aadmi Party of ending its old argument of Operation Lotus and starting a new argument of President's rule. Sachdev also said that AAP is gripped by the fear of President's rule getting imposed.

Why are they afraid despite having more than sixty MLAs? Atishi is a master of creating imaginary stories. Are they afraid that so many MLAs will leave the party? Then it is only their fear. There is nothing we can do about it," added Sachdeva.

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