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Monday, 20 May 2024 2.08 PM IST

When CPM shares poverty, Congress shares corruption: Javadekar


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: BJP national leader and Kerala Prabhari Prakash Javadekar MP said that the feature of 2024 Lok Sabha election is that South India will also turn in favour of BJP. BJP's politics is development. What CPM shares is poverty. What the Congress shares at the national level is corruption.

In the last ten years, the Modi government has managed to improve transport, food, education, internet, jobs, bank loans and the environment for starting industries. The next government will do ten times as many good things. Votes are being sought on that basis. Both BJP and NDA are seeking votes by using PM Modi's name with pride. Candidates of Left Front and Congress are not seen seeking votes in the name of Pinarayi Vijayan or Rahul Gandhi.

From an interview with Kerala Kaumudi:

Has Kerala changed?

Have Bengal and Tripura not changed? Kerala will also change, it has to change. In 1985, BJP's vote share in UP was 6%, today it is 52%. The same was the case in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Kerala now has 15%. This time the situation will change.

The change from the last election?

The opposition had hoped that the Congress would come to power then, but this time it does not. BJP is facing the elections with the assurance that the Modi government will continue. The question then was whether to support the ruling party. It can be converted as should we stay with the development. Let Kerala answer. Communalism, secularism, citizenship and Hamas are all imaginary issues to distract attention. People can decide whether they want to share poverty or achieve prosperity.

Aren't minorities keeping distance?

We have been keeping in touch with Christian communities in Kerala since Christmas in December 2022. BJP has established a good relationship with around 7 lakh households. It will make a difference in the election. Was six-lane road implemented in Kerala before? Isn't it implemented now? Wasn't Vande Bharat implemented without encroaching on anyone's land? Didn't Muslims and Christians get the benefit of it? All that will change their approach.

Kerala story exhibition was a setback?

Nothing like that. Isn't cinema just a work of art? Why fear it? Those who create controversy by saying that the film approved by the Censor Board should not be shown, are trying to create communal issues.

400 plus win?

Success will be maintained in North India. Seats will increase in Bengal. BJP will have the most seats in South India. Seats will be retained in Karnataka. More seats will be won in Tamilnadu, Andhra, Kerala and Telangana. Will cross four hundred like this.

How many seats will you get in Kerala?

More than five seats. That's for sure.

Which ones?

You will know when the result comes. Success is certain. Votes will double and triple.

Controversy against Anil Antony?

It is unnecessary. It is a sign that BJP is sure to win in Pathanamthitta.

Do you know the controversial broker Nandakumar?

Saw him on the plane. No friendship. Will public servants turn a blind eye if they try to meet a Malayali when they come to Kerala? How can you interpret that as an influence?

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