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Wednesday, 19 June 2024 6.13 AM IST

Rajnath Singh's 'defence' against Congress and CPM; ends speech in Malayalam in Kasaragod, Kannur and Vadakara constituencies


KANNUR: "More than four hundred this time" Rajnath Singh asked looking at the translator to make sure the Malayalam was correct. "Am I correct?" There was a round of applause from the audience in response. Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh lashed out against the UDF and LDF in public meetings in Kasaragod, Kannur and Vadakara constituencies.
"On this Ramnavami day, I affirm. We are getting closer to Ramarajya. No one can stop it." Rajnath Singh made his speech standing in front of Lord Rama. Yesterday, the first public meeting in Kerala was held in Kasaragod. He started in Malayalam saying "My greetings to all" and continued in Hindi. "CPM's manifesto says they will neutralize our nuclear weapons. What is the opinion of the Congress on this matter? Are they playing with the country's security issues? "- he asked.

Only the concept of Rama can unite India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Sri Rama is not only Lord. He is also a cultural hero. Congress supporters and Communists find it difficult to accept this. The history of the country is that anyone who opposes Rama will be expelled. Have you not seen the condition of Congress? Communists became refugees. BJP brought Ram from the tent to the temple in Ayodhya. Congress and CPM are asking why interfere with religious beliefs when triple talaq was banned. The Uniform Civil Code will come in the next five years. No Indian will lose citizenship under CAA. Kerala also has potential for the advancement of the country. For that Congress and CPM should be kicked out and no entry board should be put up. Once out, they never come back. They are playing a double game. Friendship in Delhi. Fighting in Kerala.

Then, Rajnath Singh went to Thalassery in the Vadakara constituency for the next general meeting. Guaranteed to increase rubber prices when NDA comes back to power. At 6:45 pm, Rajnath Singh lashed out against the Congress and the CPM in Mattannur, Kannur constituency. Rajnath Singh ended his speech in Malayalam by saying thank you in all three places.

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