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Saturday, 13 July 2024 2.18 AM IST

Model family without religion is easy to 'Find'; this secular family does not believe in caste or religion


KOCHI: Neljin Find (39) belongs to a family that believes religion is not needed and humanity is enough. Find is the eldest son of Johny and Vimala, natives of Guruvayur Mammiyur. The word FIND was added to his name by his parents. Soumya who avoided caste since her school days, became Find's life partner. They gave their daughter a secular name - 'Tanvi Avlin.'

Anyone familiar with Neljin Find, the finance controller at Kuwait's Al Mulla Group, will wonder why was FIND added to his name. It is a story of life without religion. The word was added to include the meaning of FIND.

Vimala is a former official of Guruvayoor Urban Bank. Leftist leader and former expatriate Johny is no longer alive. Vimala's hobby was reading books and she was attracted to secular values. Vimala saw the marriage ad of Johny who had the same vision and they got together in life. Although they belonged to the same community, they ignored caste and religion. The elder son was named Neljin FIND and the younger one was named Nikitin DAWN. They were pressured to baptize their children but did not give in.

Johny and Vimala insisted that they will not fill the caste column while enrolling their children in school. The school authorities agreed only when they showed them the Kerala Education Code. Find's wife Soumya and Dawn's wife Megha are brought up without religion and caste. Both are children of mixed marriages.

'Find' helped

Neljin Find said that he faced many questions about his rare name during his studies. Later this name became an advantage. While working in France, white people called him FIND and became friends with Neljin. The name quickly registered on social media accounts. Soumya said that when the marriage proposal came, she only had to type 'FIND' on Facebook to get the information.

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