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Monday, 15 July 2024 1.59 AM IST

Case against Sanju Techy; High Court orders strict action against vehicle modification and vloggers who threaten MVD officials


KOCHI: The High Court has ordered strict action against vloggers who modify their vehicles and spread the pictures and videos on social media. The court must be informed if they threaten or stop the Motor Vehicle Department officials. Action will be taken against them by issuing a notice if necessary. The court also directed the central government to convey its stand on removing illegal videos uploaded by vloggers.

The order was in the suo motu case against vlogger Sanju Techy and his associates who built a swimming pool inside the car with a tarpaulin sheet. A division bench comprising Justice Anil K Narendran and Justice Harisankar V Menon will hear the case again on the 13th.
The court severely criticized violations such as removing the mirror used for viewing the blind spot of the vehicle and clarified that there is no compromise in the safety of the passengers. The court had directed that vloggers who enter the cabin and distract the driver should be booked under the Road Safety Act.
In a petition related to the Sabarimala pilgrimage, it has been suggested that the motor vehicle officials should take action against the vehicles that install decorative lights etc. which pose a threat to safety. The officials have not followed the previous orders of the High Court. LED and laser lights are a threat to other vehicles and passengers. During the Sabarimala pilgrimage, many such vehicles arrive from other states. Speakers that cause noise pollution are also illegal. The video of the vehicles violating the law was shown to the court. It was instructed that a copy of this and other information should be given to the central government.

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