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Wednesday, 19 June 2024 3.28 PM IST

'Radhika once said 'Etta, we can stop everything,' but I refuse to let a negative minority stop me from helping people'


Actor and Member of Parliament Suresh Gopi has been appointed as the Minister of State for Tourism and Petroleum and Natural Gas in the third Narendra Modi government. Upon taking charge, he expressed gratitude for the significant responsibilities entrusted to him by the Prime Minister, emphasizing his commitment to work in the Ministry of Petroleum in ways that benefit the public.

Recently, Suresh Gopi's comments from an earlier interview with Kaumudi Movies have gone viral. In the interview, he addressed the perception that his numerous charitable deeds are not widely known. He remarked, "Do you know how people get irritated even if they know about it? I am not a multi-millionaire. I have given from all that I have received. If I say that, they'll say I'm boasting."

Suresh Gopi highlighted the challenges he faces due to caste and political biases. He stated, "There are those who express their irritation in the name of caste and politics for giving from whatever I have. So whether people know about it or not, there is no problem. There should be honesty about who did what and when. It doesn't matter if you boast about it. God knows exactly what was done with what money and with what attitude."

He also spoke about his wife's role in their charitable activities, explaining, "My wife does not control me. The cheque books are with the wife. When I spend money for other people, people ask if she doesn't control it in the comment box. Seeing some negative comments, someone asked Radhika why she was doing it for the ungrateful. Radhika says it is Ettan's happiness."

Suresh Gopi recalled a moment when his wife suggested they might stop their charitable work due to negative perceptions. "But once Radhika said to me, Etta, we can stop everything, everyone sees all this in a different way. Hearing this, I also thought about it for a moment. But I remembered who I was denying and what they did wrong. It felt that it is not right to harm them for a minority of those who take it negatively."

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