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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 2.26 AM IST

Satheesan apologises for his mistakes, Sudheeran firm in his resignation


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The leaders attempt to make V M Sudheeran withdraw his resignation from KPCC political affairs committee has failed. Reports said that Sudheeran has informed opposition leader V D Satheesan that he will not withdraw his resignation. Satheesan told reporters that Sudheeran is firm in his stand. Sudheeran expressed dissatisfaction on some leaders holding discussions after making the committee a scarecrow when opposition leader visited his house following the intervention of the high command. The two talked for a long time in a closed room. K Sudhakaran and AICC general secretary Tariq Anwar had earlier said that they would hold talks with Sudheeran and request him to withdraw his resignation. K Sudhakaran initially said that he doesn’t know Sudheeran's complaint, had called him twice and had also visited him.

Meanwhile, Satheesan said that he did not come to make him withdraw his resignation. 'I visited him to let him know the lapse on my side. It is my duty to say that. Ten Satheesans will not be able to make him withdraw his decision. I cannot make him withdraw his resignation. There were some lapses on the side of the leadership. I apologise for my mistakes. Sudheeran sticks to his stand. Organisational matters will be explained by K Sudhakaran, Satheesan told media.

Meantime, senior leaders including Ramesh Chennithala came to the fore supporting the stand of Sudheeran. Chandy termed Sudheeran’s resignation as unfortunate. His presence and participation have benefited the political affairs committee. He should continue in that, said Chandy.

Sudheeran resigned from the political affairs committee following some differences of opinion. He said he would continue as an ordinary party activist. Sudheeran's resignation was a shock to the state Congress leadership at a time when the appointment of DCC presidents stoked a controversy. Sudheeran had initially supported the new leadership. His complaint is that the new leadership is moving in the old fashioned way without a collective discussion. The meeting of senior leaders was convened just before the first political affairs committee meet after the new leadership came in. Former KPCC presidents were not invited to it. K Muraleedharan had lashed out against it but Sudheeran did not utter a word. It is learned that the complaint is that there is no consultation on reorganization even after that.

In a Facebook post, Sudheeran had staged his protest on the list of DCC presidents. He was angry for submitting the final list neglecting his ire. It is known that this is behind the resignation.

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