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Sunday, 26 March 2023 12.16 AM IST

Vizhinjam: 113 days during which no construction works took place


  • July 19, 2022: Fishermen staged a strike in front of the Secretariat demanding a stop construction of Vizhinjam port
  • August 16: Protesters led by the Latin Archdiocese erected a protest 'pandal' in front of the project area, blocking the construction of the port.
  • August 18: Cabinet sub-committee held a meeting with the strike committee for the first time. The strike committee put forward seven demands
  • August 21: The second meeting between the cabinet sub-committee and strike committee also ended without a decision
  • August 25: Chief Minister held a discussion with Archbishop Thomas J. Netto at Cliff House
  • September 11: Protest leaders met Rahul Gandhi during Bharat Jodo Yatra
  • September 13: Another cabinet sub-committee meeting
  • September 16: Strike committee demonstrates massive strike by surrounding Thiruvananthapuram city, set boats on fire in the port area
  • September 18: Cultural gathering against port in front of Secretariat
  • September 19: The strike committee breaks into the port and overturned the barricades. Erected a protest pandal inside the gate
  • September 21: The strike committee met the Governor. Governor gave assurance that he will intervene in the matter.
  • September 22: Another cabinet sub-committee meeting without a decision
  • September 24: Consensus talks with CPM state secretary MV Govindan. Informal discussions began
  • September 27: Adani Group approached the court
  • October 2: Popular action council launched a strike expressing solidarity with port construction
  • October 7: The government formed an expert committee to study coastal erosion without including a representative of fisherfolk
  • October 29: Intelligence probe into allegations of foreign funding to NGOs supporting the strike
  • November 2: The government served notice to government employees who participated in the strike
  • November 16: Chief Secretary held a discussion with the strike committee
  • November 24: The strike committee informed the High Court that it will not prevent the resumption of construction
  • November 26: Conflict took place after the strike committee stopped the lorries carrying stones for construction. The archbishop was also named accused
  • November 27: Attack on Vizhinjam police station. Activists of the strike committee vandalize Vizhinjam station.
  • November 29: Kerala Kaumudi published a report about the presence of organizations, including the Popular Front of India, in the strike committee. The reaction of the chief minister and others that there is external interference became a political controversy
  • December 1: Adani Group approaches court demanding deployment of central forces. The Kerala government supported the demand.
  • December 3: Cardinal Cleemis Catholica Bava took the helm of the consensus move. He held discussions with Chief Minister and Chief Secretary
  • December 4: Latin Church issues circular softening its approach
  • December 5: Chief Minister held a discussion with the cabinet sub-committee. The government rejected the consensus formula of the Latin Church. The position was communicated to the Latin Church. The Church sought time to inform the decision.
  • December 6: The government gave 10 assurances in the Vizhinjam issue. The strike committee announced that the strike had been called off.
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