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Sunday, 21 April 2024 9.18 PM IST

Main cause of waterlogging in Thiruvananthapuram found, restrictions and arrangements coming


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Most of the areas of Thiruvananthapuram were under water in the rain that lashed recently. The residents of the city were victims of misery not experienced earlier. Even areas of the city that were less prone to flooding were submerged. Mayor Arya Rajendran informed that the corporation is trying to find the main reason and a permanent solution for it.

All these things will be included in the new master plan. Thiruvananthapuram city has many multi-storied buildings, many layouts and many big and small roads. Moreover, various structures have come up in many low-lying areas of the city. One of the major causes of waterlogging in Thiruvananthapuram city is excessive construction in low-lying areas. A solution to waterlogging in the city can only be found with some restrictions and arrangements. The mayor informed that the new master plan has been formulated keeping this in mind.

Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation has the oldest master plan published in 1971. Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, which has an area of 215 sq km, had only 74 sq km in the first phase. The old master plan was formulated keeping in mind the land use of that time. Ten panchayats were added over time and developed to the present area of 215 sq km. The said areas are now urbanized. Construction/development activities here require proper arrangements in a timely manner.

Apart part from the 1971 master plan, the city has two master plans centered around the medical college and Kovalam Vizhinjam. Apart from this, there are DTP schemes focusing on 12 important junctions in the city. All these can be consolidated when the new master plan comes. Moreover, the new master plan is being formed considering the new land use possibility and the current situation in the city. With the new master plan coming into force, the entire city will have a unified situation and a master plan will be prepared that will be suitable for further development in the said areas considering the current land use. Through this, we can find a solution to waterlogging and other accidents in the city.

Considering all these, the new draft master plan was conceived. A notice was issued to the public for objections, if any, on this master plan. At present 1796 objections have been received in the master plan. Mayor Arya Rajendran also stated that the first phase of hearing has started as per the request that 34 objections would be heard directly.

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