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Sunday, 25 February 2024 4.07 AM IST

Old man who went to buy medicine did not die in accident; CCTV visuals reveal murder


BENGALURU: Relatives, locals and the police thought that the death of the 77-year-old resident of Bengaluru, Krishnappa, was an accident. However, when his son Satish checked the CCTV footage, it was revealed that a bike thief had killed his father by striking him on his head.

Krishnappa, a native of North West Bengaluru, left home to buy some medicines he needed. Seeing a bike hit his scooter parked near the medical store, Krishnappa got angry with the bike rider. The biker came back and hit Krishnappa on the head with a stone and fled the place.

The locals saw Krishnappa lying on the ground and rushed him to the hospital but could not save his life. Taking the information given by the locals who took Krishnappa to the hospital, the police concluded that it was an accidental death and registered a case.

However, when Krishnappa's son, who became suspicious of the incident, checked the CCTV footage of the accident site, he found his father having an argument with someone and the assailant hitting his father on the head with a stone. This information was reported to the police.

After registering a new case, the police investigated and found that it was a man named Sarfaraz with whom Krishnappa had a verbal conflict. They also found that Sarfaraz was trying to escape with a stolen bike and killed Krishnappa in a fit of rage.

According to the police, the reason for the murder was provocation when he was told to drive properly. Sarfaraz has been arrested by the police. The police said that he is a notorious bike thief in the city.

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