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Tuesday, 16 April 2024 12.42 PM IST

LS polls: Congress gives in to IUML's demand, agreement reached on second seat in informal meeting


MALAPPURAM: The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) reached an agreement with the Congress on the second seat in the Rajya Sabha. The League's move was by demanding three seats in the Lok Sabha elections.

Unable to accept that, the Congress had to give in to the League strategy of Rajya Sabha instead. The agreement was reached in an informal discussion held by League state president Sadikhali and leaders including opposition leader VD Satheesan.

The Congress leaders also pointed out the limitation in changing sitting MPs and the campaigns that the CPM and BJP might run if the League is allotted additional seats in the Lok Sabha elections. The League has taken the stand that a compromise can be reached if a second Rajya Sabha seat is given. The League pointed out that earlier there were two Rajya Sabha seats and one of them was given to the Congress.

At the same time, it is indicated that the Congress has given in due to the fear of a setback in the Lok Sabha elections following disagreements with the League and the soft approach of the IUML to the Left Front's invitation. UDF will get one of the three Rajya Sabha seats falling vacant in Kerala in July. The league is eyeing that seat, which is also crucial for the Congress. Therefore, the Congress leaders have informed the League that the final decision will be reached after discussion in the party. The official announcement will be made after the Lok Sabha elections.

However, League leader PK Kunhalikutty's response was that opposition leader VD Satheesan and Sadiq Ali had held a discussion over the phone and the discussion of the third seat in the Lok Sabha elections has not come in the way. He said that the final decision will be announced after the UDF meeting. Currently, Abdul Wahab is the only Rajya Sabha MP of the League.

IUML's target is 'safe' seat

1. The League wanted Kannur or Vadakara as the third seat in the Lok Sabha elections

2. League was afraid that even if the seats were won through pressure, there would be a backlash without Congress support.

3. The pressure for the second seat was intensified as Rajya Sabha seat is a safe option

Congress' fears

1.IUML's soft approach to LDF's invitation worries Congress

2.League's support is essential to win the seats in Malabar including the Legislative Assembly elections

3. So the Rajya Sabha gave in to the claim of not being able to entangle the League

ET to Malappuram

League leadership accepted ET Muhammad Basheer's desire to shift from Ponnani constituency to Malappuram in the Lok Sabha elections. Instead, the sitting MP from Malappuram, Abdu Samad Samadani, may contest in Ponnani. The seat in UDF will be announced officially after the agreement.

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