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Saturday, 13 April 2024 3.44 AM IST

‘Sorry Didi, I’m going,’ 17-year-old girl jumps off college building after levelling sexual allegations


HYDERABAD: A 17-year-old girl in Visakhapatnam committed suicide by jumping off from the top of a college building after being sexually assaulted by her friends, on Friday morning. The girl dead is a native of Anakapalle in Andhra Pradesh and a polytechnic student. The incident happened on Friday morning.

The police said the girl had sent a message to her sister informing her of the cause of death just before committing the act. Through the message, the girl revealed that she faced constant sexual harassment from some of her classmates and was unable to even file a complaint. The girl also said that her classmates threatened to post her nude pictures on social media if complained.

The college authorities informed her parents that their daughter was missing around 10 pm on Thursday night. The family then informed the police after there was no investigation from the authorities. However, around 12.50 am on Friday morning, the girl texted her family saying not to panic and that nothing has happened to her.

'Listen to what I am saying. Please forgive me. My parents brought me up well. I'm ending my life. Congratulated her sister, who is expecting a baby and had a message for her younger sister. Focus on your future and study what you like. Don't be influenced by others and go ahead with your own decisions. Don't be like me. Always be happy and have a good life.'

The girl then made further revelations to her father. 'It was not possible to complain to the faculty, that won’t help. The accused have taken her pictures and are threatening me. There are other girls as well. We are not able to inform this to anyone. If a complaint is filed, they will release my photos on social media. If I go away now, you will feel bad for a few years and you will forget later. If I am around you, you will look at me and feel bad all the time. Sorry didi, I made you all tense, I am going.’

After seeing the message, the family told her not to commit suicide, but there was no response from the girl. The father has lodged a complaint with the police to find out the real cause of his daughter's death. Meantime, the principal of the college also came forward with a response to the incident. The head teacher said that boys are not allowed in the girls’ hostel and we are monitoring everything very closely. The wardens of the hostel are women. She stated that there is no possibility for girls to face such problems. The police informed that the college authorities and students are being interrogated in the incident.

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