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Tuesday, 25 June 2024 6.43 AM IST

Victim should not be given witness statement; Dileep in court


KOCHI: Dileep said that the investigation report of the illegal examination of the memory card in the actress assault case should not be given to the victim. Dileep also states in the plea that a copy of the statements cannot be legally provided. The court had earlier ordered that a copy of the statement in a settled petition be given to the victim. The new petition is against it. Dileep's petition will be considered tomorrow.

At the same time, the fact-finding report of the district judge was submitted confirming the victim's allegation that the memory card, which is a piece of crucial evidence in the case of assaulting the actress, was illegally checked. According to the report, Adimali Magistrate Leena Rasheed, District Judge's Personal Assistant Mahesh and Trial Court Shirastedar Tajuddin had checked the memory card.

An investigation was conducted under the direction of the District Judge on the instructions of the High Court on the allegation of memory card leakage. The report contains findings that corroborate the allegations. The report also has a serious finding that the Angamaly Magistrate kept the memory card in private custody in 2018.

On December 13, 2018, District Judge's Personal Assistant Mahesh checked the memory card with his phone. It is also stated in the statement that the check conducted at night was on the instructions of the judge. It has not been examined whether the judge had directed such a check. On July 19, 2021, the trial court Shirastedar Tajuddin checked the memory card. He checked it using his phone and it has also been stated that this phone was lost during a trip in 2022.

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