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Sunday, 19 May 2024 8.21 AM IST

57,784 voters, 55 booths: Kalashakottu in Lakshadweep today; polling on 19th


KOCHI: Lakshadweep, where every vote costs a lot, will be going to the polling booth on 19th. Lakshadweep, the country's smallest parliamentary constituency, has only half a lakh voters. Kalashakottu (strong sloganeering with drums and public support) of all three fronts will be held in the islands today with rallies and announcements without fanfare.

Door-to-door vote solicitation was important as Ramzan fast was happening. There were no staged events or election conventions. Congress candidate Hamdullah Sayeed (Palm), MP and NCP (S) candidate Mohammad Faisal (man playing Turha), NDA-supporting NCP Ajit Pawar faction candidate TP Yusuf (clock) and independent candidate Koya (ship) are in the fray.

Muhammad Faisal and Hamdullah Sayeed fueled the campaign by highlighting the anti-people policies of the administrator. Both claim that they will win with a good majority. Madrasa teacher TP Yusuf hopes that student wealth and personal relationships will turn into votes. Yusuf, who started his campaign last in Lakshadweep, could not campaign in some islands due to lack of time. The preparations of the fronts to bring home those who went to the mainland for work and study are in the final stage.

The main contest is between Muhammad Faisal and Hamdullah Sayeed. Last time Muhammad Faisal won with a majority of 823 votes against Hamdullah Saeed. In 2019, JDU got 1342 votes, CPM 420 and CPI 143. This time these parties have not fielded candidates. Where these votes will go is also crucial. BJP got a total of 125 votes and there were 100 votes in NOTA.

57,784 voters, 55 booths

There are a total of 57,784 voters on the island. 29,278 males and 28,506 females in ten village island panchayats. Andrott Island has the largest number of voters in Lakshadweep with 55 polling stations. There are 5313 male and 5355 female voters here with nine polling booths. Bitra has the least number of voters with 136 male and 101 female voters.

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