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Tuesday, 25 June 2024 4.49 PM IST

Volatile politics of Vadakara


‘Slip-of-the-tongue’ is the new talk of the town in Kerala. Politicians, these days can’t pass a day without doing one such ludicrous ‘slips’. With elections knocking on the doors, this pastime is burgeoning in the political milieu and also flaring new controversies.

KS Hariharan, a member of the central committee of the political party RMP, was the latest contributor to this newfound pastime of political leaders. His misogynist comment directed at LDF candidate K K Shailja invited reproach even from his party members. Hariharan, who was quick to realize the gaffe came with an apology, but the damage was already done.

Hariharan’s caustic comments came during a political event where he made a garrulous take on the controversy circling the fake-obscene video of Shailaja's teacher. The workers and other political leaders shared a laugh while some applauded when Hariharan made the jibe on stage. However, the heavy scrutinizing from social media upended the whole issue and put the RMP leader in the dock.

CPM denied the apology from Hariharan and insisted on moving ahead with legal actions. DYFI even sent a letter to the state police chief to initiate action. Late into Sunday evening, Vadakara police registered a case against Hariharan. The issue was far from settled as Sunday night made Hariharan realize the consequence of his little ‘slip of the tongue’ as some strangers threw explosives at his house in Thenhipalam.

Oratory is a fine art that gets intriguing when arguments are made while upholding a sense of respect and propriety. This is the age of social media and everything gets scrutinized. One can’t simply evade after piling the blame on media for ‘distorting’ their speech.

On the same note, the attack on the house of the RMP leader over the defamatory speech is unfortunate. Political parties that espouse violence are not fit to serve the people of a democracy.

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