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Friday, 21 June 2024 5.10 PM IST

'Mohanlal, Mammootty lack guts to go against sex mafia in Mollywood'; Director reveals shady details of movie industry


Director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, who is now caught in a web of controversy over the release of the movie ‘Vazahku’ is back again with his admonishment of the working standards of Mollywood. Sanal alleged the presence of a ‘sex mafia’ in the movie industry and blamed the ruling left-wing government for abetment. Culture and film minister Saji Cherian also received a share of the blame as Sanal said the minister was unqualified to lead the ministry and said his sole purpose was to conceal the horrific details of the Hema commission from coming out.

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan:

I was very early in realizing the ‘sex mafia’ running rampant in mollywood. It not only transcends legal systems but also extends internationally. The law cannot touch it because it has a deep-rooted nexus with the ruling party of Kerala. Being aware of all such tacky business in Mollywood makes me a target of smear campaigns, attacks, false accusations and even threats of assassination.

Justice Hema Commission appointed by the Kerala government has reported that there is a sex racket operating in Malayalam cinema. Saji Cherian, who has no qualifications to be the Minister of Culture and Films, has been placed in the Department of Films to ensure that the report does not come out.

Even national award winner Parvathy Thiruvothu is now silent despite knowing all the murky details of the report. She fears for her life. Bhavana's case was overturned because the case includes information on this sex racket business; which will eventually place the government in the dock.

Revelations made by the husband of the director of the film ‘Puzhu’ should be taken seriously. He revealed lucidly the nexus between CPM leaders and the Malayalam cinema mafia. But people choose to discuss Mammootty’s role and it is unfortunate.

Neither Mammootty nor Mohanlal will have the guts to bring this mafia to task because the party that mollycoddles the gang is CPM. The Marunadan Malayali interview sheds a lot of light on the issue. I was sad to see people I once placed in high respect for their intellectual prowess falling for the ploy of Mammootty’s role in the issue. The real focus should have been on the unholy nexus between CPM and the Malayalam movie world. With this, I am now sure that no one is going to point a finger at this mafia group and they will continue the same with impunity. This will have destructive consequences in Kerala politics and far worse for the women in Malayalam cinema.

Topics that need to be discussed are getting diverted. We are helpless and have nothing to do alas, grieve for a nation that is slowly in the path of destruction.

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