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Saturday, 20 July 2024 5.59 PM IST

Criminals in police will be fired: Chief Minister


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said during the fund request discussion in the Legislative Assembly that the criminals in the force who are destroying the credibility of the police will be removed in phases.

"In eight years, 108 officers with criminal links were fired. It is the credibility of the force that gets tarnished when the people who are supposed to do justice turn into criminals. The policy of the government is that criminals in the police will not be tolerated. The discipline of the force will be assessed at many levels. The friendship of police officers will be controlled. They will not be allowed to accept anyone’s invitation according to wish, take photos with them, participate in parties, etc. The number of women police will be increased. At present there are 11.6% women police. This will be increased to 15%.

Police will intervene to prevent violence in trains. There is an increase in human trafficking and drug trafficking on the train. Janamithiri security scheme will be implemented in 13 police stations to help prevent this.

Cyberwall will be implemented with artificial intelligence to prevent cyber crimes. With that, people will know if the phones they are getting are fake. Police data, photographs, CCTV footage, crime records, evidence files etc. can be quickly analyzed and criminals can be identified immediately. A labor registration database will be made mandatory on the police's website to track criminals among migrant workers.

The jail manual will be revised. The current manual is from 1979. Jail rules will also be changed. The rule was last revised in 2014. The rules will cover duties of key officers, reform of security measures, online trial in courts, issues of women prisoners, provisions for treatment of sick prisoners, etc. An expert committee will be appointed for this."

The Chief Minister also informed that the pension scheme will be strengthened to ensure the welfare of journalists.

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