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Thursday, 24 June 2021 7.43 PM IST

'Other than doctors and nurses, oxygen can also be given by trained people': State govt issues guidelines


State Government has come up with guidelines to ensure oxygen availability in case of major need for oxygen in the second wave of Covid. CFLTC, CSLTC and DCC have been set up in the state with the help of local self government institutions and the state government has issued guidelines in this regard for further expanding the system.

The government points out that it is usually handled by nurses and doctors, but that even if oxygen is stored, it may still be difficult to find technically competent people everywhere to use it. The government also suggests that each local government body, with the help of the health department, should try to address this problem by training palliative care nurses, paramedics and health workers.

Those who have retired from such jobs and are registered with the employees exchange can be considered for this. In this way, the core team should ensure that there are adequate staff in each local body. The health department should take immediate steps to train them. It is up to the doctor to decide on when and whom the oxygen should be given, the dosage, flow rate, duration and how to monitor.

For this, a team of doctors who can provide services directly, through the help desk or in the form of telemedicine should be set up. Oxygen should not be given unless prescribed by a doctor. The local authority should ensure that each center has equipment prescribed by the health department such as a pulse oximeter to monitor the patient's condition.

With the help of these devices and other testing methods, the patient's information should be communicated to the doctor and the patient should be given oxygen as instructed. Until then, the patient should be treated in prone position. The Department of Health will issue detailed guidelines for this.

The government will issue guidelines on safety arrangements for the storage of oxygen cylinders etc. in such establishments. Local self government institutions should ensure the arrangements accordingly. The secretary and the nodal officer that heads the core team will be responsible for ensuring the above.

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