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Thursday, 22 February 2024 5.44 PM IST

Do you have gold and do you live in this district? Then you have to be very careful


THRISSUR: Robberies have become frequent in Thrissur, which is one of the cities with more gold shops and gold jewellery centres in South India. Safety cannot be ensured in transporting and storing gold jewellery. One of the conclusions of the police is that the high price of gold and the presence of migrant workers in gold jewellery factories and others are helping the robbery gangs.

Five years ago, a jewellery store in Ollur had been robbed several times by a professional robbery gang from North India. The North Indian gang was also active in cheating prominent jewellers by giving them fake gold.

Such robbery gangs have clear knowledge of gold jewellery and manufacturing. Even expert jewellers cannot detect the fake gold jewellery they bring. It is estimated that in Thrissur alone, more than a quarter of a lakh people are employed directly and thousands of people are employed in related work and marketing. They get wages based on the price of gold. In terms of trade, Thrissur's mainstays are gold shops and gold jewellery factories. But if security is not ensured, there will be fear and worry.

The gangs who loot gold ornaments are financially very stable and often reach Kerala by plane and return by plane. They are also known for modern methods of robbery. According to the police, they use tools and other equipment which are not available in Kerala. The looted jewellery will be smuggled away. Therefore, it will be difficult to find the evidence.

The police have warned those who keep gold at home, jewellery owners and jewellery makers to be cautious. Often even getting the insurance amount for lost gold is not that easy. After completing the police investigation, legal steps should be taken with the insurance company.

Note :

Keeping large quantities of gold jewellery at home is dangerous.

Avoid wearing too much jewellery while travelling.

Do not carry gold or large amounts of cash in your bag while travelling.

Keeping gold in a handbag can also lead to robbery.

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