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Wednesday, 17 April 2024 6.14 PM IST

Accused's plan is pure stupidity and not credible; news came to me first: KB Ganesh Kumar 


KOLLAM: KB Ganesh Kumar MLA said that he does not believe in the statement of Padmakumar, the accused in the Abigail kidnapping case. Ganesh Kumar also said that the statement that the child was kidnapped to settle a debt is not credible. He was responding to the media regarding the case.

'I do not believe in the defendant's statement. It is unbelievable that he kidnapped the daughter of a common man and demanded Rs. 10 lakhs. The defendant cannot pay even the interest with Rs. 10 lakhs. If the news had not come out through the media, the child's family would have been scared and paid the money.

Kerala Police has done a good job in this regard. The news came to me first. I am the one who revealed this in secret. That was because I realized that even though the police started investigating this can only be blocked if the people know about it. People will be alerted when there is a news flash. I felt that the media was the best for it, so I said that it should be made a piece of news. The ADGP said today that this was beneficial.

When the media, police and local people joined hands, all the plans of the accused were foiled, but they kept the whole state on edge. The plan devised by the accused is pure stupidity. The accused is an engineering graduate. Such a person doing such criminal activities is very stupid. The plan is said to have been hatched by the accused's wife. Did they not know that the accused who was arrested in connection with the murder of the girl in Aluva was sentenced to death?

Why does the accused commit such criminal acts despite having sufficient property of his own? The accused could have sold his house to settle the debt. It is heard that the accused has other assets. Wasn't it enough to sell it all and pay off the debt? Why be cruel to children? How will they live now? The accused has a daughter of marriageable age. Will she have a good life now? They ruined their daughter's future.

Any crime committed in our state will be caught. Kerala Police has a histroy of proving even 20 years old cases. There are no easy ways to make money or pay off debt. You cannot get money without working hard,' said Ganesh Kumar.

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