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Wednesday, 29 May 2024 12.48 AM IST

Revanth Reddy to become Telangana Chief Minister


HYDERABAD: 'Marpu Kavali Congress Ravali' (Change should happen, Congress should come) was the slogan raised by the Congress in the Telangana elections. It worked. Congress is coming to power after 10 years of BRS rule. Another slogan used in the Congress campaign rallies was 'Congress gelustundhi, Revanth Mukyamanthri Ayadu' (Congress will win and Revanth will become Chief Minister). The national leadership is almost certain that Revanth Reddy, who has become such a powerful leader of the Telangana Congress that no one can suggest another name, will be the Chief Minister. Revanth Reddy had said earlier that if there is a day called December 9, Congress Chief Minister will take oath and take office in Telangana.

Although Revanth received an unexpected backlash for going to Kamareddy to contest against Chandrasekhara Rao, his glorious victory in the Kodangal constituency made him safe. The victory in Telangana is the result of the 54-year-old's round-the-clock efforts along with leaders including Rahul Gandhi.

Revanth Reddy took over the reins of the party in 2021 after PCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy resigned due to the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. He was the MP of Malkajgiri at that time. Since then, he has united the people of Telangana with the party by fighting KCR head-to-head. He had to work tirelessly to bring the Congress to the fore even as the BJP became the main rival of the ruling BRS.

As the Congress's progress was evident in the counting of votes yesterday, the activists started celebrating in front of Revanth Reddy's house and at the Congress headquarters in Telangana. After this, Revanth celebrated the victory with the activists by conducting a road show in a vehicle.

First ABVP, then TDP

Revanth was an ABVP member during his studies and later joined the Telugu Desam Party. He was the TDP MLA from Kodangal in 2009 and 2014. He reached Congress in 2017.

Will Mallu Bhatti block the way?

Revanth's ascension to the post of Chief Minister requires the approval of one person; Leader of the Opposition Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka. Bhatti Vikramarka is widely accepted due to his operational experience and public support. A leader of peasants and workers. Politics at YSR school, deputy speaker, whip and beyond all this an untarnished political career make Bhatti a dominant figure in Telangana Congress.

According to the leadership, the 1300 km Bhatti walking across Telangana to get to know the people has been converted to votes. Also, he is a leader of the backward class.

When asked by the media during the campaign whether he would be the Chief Minister, Mallu Bhatti said that everything would be decided by the High Command.

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