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Friday, 24 May 2024 7.57 PM IST

Pinarayi Vijayan's response to Rahul's inquiry sparks controversy; Opposition demands retraction over alleged BJP alignment


KOZHIKODE: Central investigation agencies are not incarcerating Chief Minister Pinarayi, despite Rahul's inquiry, as per the Chief Minister's response during a public meeting in Kakur, Kozhikode, amidst Kozhikode LDF candidate Elamaram Karim's election campaign.

Don't let people tell you that you haven't changed after Bharat Jodo Yatra. Don't scare them with jail and investigation. Your grandmother was imprisoned for a year and a half during her exile. So when we hear about jail, we are not the ones who say like former Maharashtra Congress leader Ashok Chavan, I won't go, I can't go anywhere. The complaint is that I am criticizing you. It is related to Citizenship Amendment. Rahul Gandhi, you spoke a lot during your trip. The only issue left out is the Citizenship Amendment Act. Congress stayed away when the entire country protested against the Citizenship Amendment Act. In Kerala, Congress was the first to protest. Was it not according to the instructions of the central leadership that the Congressmen here withdrew from the concerted agitation? Or why Rahul doesn't say that, said Pinarayi.

Rahul has Sangh Parivar mentality

The Chief Minister challenged Rahul on his stance towards the Sangh Parivar, highlighting perceived inconsistencies in his advocacy. Pinarayi criticized the BJP's purported influence on investigative agencies, accusing them of deviating from legal norms and subjecting CPM leaders to undue humiliation.

Pinarayi is BJP's mouthpiece: V D Satheesan

Opposition leader VD Satheesan labelled Pinarayi as BJP's mouthpiece in Kerala, alleging a strategic bid for minority votes. Satheesan condemned Pinarayi's perceived alignment with Modi, attributing it to fear of enforcement agencies. He dismissed Pinarayi's purported strategy of ridiculing Rahul Gandhi to appease BJP and pledged UDF's dominance in Kerala, dismissing BJP's prospects.

CM should retract remark against Rahul: Chennithala

Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala demanded Pinarayi retract his disparaging remarks against Rahul and apologize, decrying the Chief Minister's alleged pandering to Modi. Chennithala criticized Pinarayi's withdrawal of ministers from the campaign, citing dissent against the government. He cautioned against underestimating Congress's influence and urged against a Congress-free India envisioned by Modi and Pinarayi.

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