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Friday, 14 June 2024 7.48 AM IST

Extra marks for students if parents vote; Saint Joseph's College with different concept to encourage voting


LUCKNOW: A college in Uttar Pradesh has made a big promise for everyone to exercise their right to vote. Students are promised ten marks more if the parents vote in the fifth phase of polling on the 20th. Lucknow's Saint Joseph's College is behind this new idea. "Leaders request that everyone exercise their right to vote. However, this concept cannot be reached in remote parts of India. Therefore, the vote should not be wasted. The different concept is being implemented for that," College officials said. College Managing Director Anil Agarwal informed that the aim is to increase the voting percentage. Anil Agarwal also said that the employees exercising their right to vote will get one day's extra salary. According to the college authorities, everyone will take up the offer as it is a challenge that will make students and staff happy. After polling, parents must come to school and show the inked finger to confirm voting, but then the marks will be awarded.

Ten marks will be awarded for one subject or separate subjects. The college also organized a voting awareness rally in Gomatinagar encouraging people to vote. Meanwhile, more schools and colleges are reportedly taking up the idea.

Not the first time

This is not the first time such ideas have been implemented to encourage voting. In Madhya Pradesh's Indore, a polling booth that provided free breakfast and ice cream to voters was in the news. In Bengaluru, Karnataka, various restaurants and establishments offered free dosa and coffee to voters. In South Mumbai, where polling will be held on the 20th, the BJP has demanded that housing societies that register 100 percent voting should be considered for tax breaks or similar benefits.

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